Labor and Delivery

Welcome to the most comprehensive site on the internet focused on labor and delivery and all things related to childbirth and pregnancy.  Whether you are preparing for your first child or your fifth, anxiety and stress almost always accompany the labor and delivery process.  The fact is that even though you may have been through the labor and delivery process before, each birth is unique.  Each baby is unique, and your body may not respond in exactly the same way each time you deliver a baby.

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Please take some time to browse through our labor and delivery articles. We trust that you will find this information useful as you prepare yourself for the labor and delivery of your own child or the child of a loved one.
The more you learn about the labor and delivery process the more confident you will be and the more prepared you will be mentally, emotionally, and physically for a positive childbirth experience.
Pregnancy and childbirth are both exciting and rewarding experiences and the labor and delivery process is a natural and beautiful process. But it can also be one of the most challenging things you will do in your lifetime. Be aware that modern medicine can both help and hinder the process. The key is to inform yourself properly so that you are in control of the birthing and labor and delivery process. Make all of the necessary arrangements and decisions in advance so that at the moment of labor and delivery you are not trying to make critical decisions at a time when you are not emotionally prepared.

We wish you luck, love, and a beautiful outcome!  Remember that the reward is so worth it!

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